Grade 11 & 12

Spark A Change (SAC) - a recent addition to our activities in collaboration with schools within our vicinity. The by and 
large of this initiative is that it incorporates the importance of parental support in the child's education. In addition,, it 
helps scholars focus on their school career, and the following categories are what underpin the SAC:

SAC Parents

Empower parents with engagement knowledge and methods on how and what to do to support their children's education. To date, the training is offered once a term.


Young people participate in extra mural activities such as Sports and Beauty Course. Furthermore, in to the bargain is the much anticipate Motivational Mondays(MMs), Monday mornings have took a turn for the best as scholars anticipate to starting their day in the presence of a Motivational Speaker. Various influential and shining human examples are invited to come and give the Young Minds a pep talk on various aspects of life.


The reformers are a group of caring community members who have dedicated their Fridays to be a day for Prayer at schools. At this point, most teachers have welcomed the move in as much as scholars are invited to come and join the prayer during their interval. The future plan is to start doing observational inspections on the school premises.